Jamaica Tourist Board Wet T-shirt Poster


HER PICTURE graces the walls of airports, Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) offices worldwide, hotel lobbies, board rooms, travel agencies and museums internationally. The red wet T-shirt clinks to her body, caressing her full bosom and perfect 10 figure.

But for 28 years the girl on the poster has remained a mystery.

She is Trinidadian Sintra Arunte-Bronte who caught the eye of a photographer from Doyle Dane, an American advertising company commissioned by the JTB to do the poster, as she stood outside the hotel, now known as Le Meridien Jamaica Pegasus. Sintra was dressed in a close-fitting orange, brown and gold knit top, with a low scooped neckline. The photographer was scouting for a woman who could portray the beauty of an island woman and she was game.

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